“Though I’m prone to leave Your side
You chase me like the tide

You are constant in my wandering
You are brighter than the dark in me
You are the love that sets me free
You are faithful, You are faithful, You are

Ever waiting for the weary
Ever wanting them to see
There’s ransom, there’s forgiveness
Your hope is all around me” Crowder- “You Are”

These lyrics hit me last night. “You are constant in my wandering, You are brighter than the dark in me”

Honestly, last week was a tough one for me. I felt like I was stressed and distracted and behind the whole week. I never quite felt like I could be still before the Lord and refocus well before the next distraction would come up. I was short with those around me, and I tore myself down because I couldn’t seem to get my imperfections together. How completely human does that sound? Why do I place my anchor on things, people, emotions, or circumstances-things as fleeting as my next breath?  How comforting it is to turn to a God that doesn’t view me or my circumstances the way I do.

I went on a walk on Tuesday after school and did some thinking. But before I left my driveway I noticed how striking the sun was from where I was standing. As I walked on, I just kept noticing it. It was glorious, bright, and warm. And it seemed everywhere I turned there it was at my side, warming my back, or going before me to light the way. Just as creation often does when we’ll let it, it drew my mind to my Savoir. It is hard to even begin to grasp the depth of who He is. He is more glorious, more radiant, and more constant than the sun could ever hope to be. And the same ONE wants my heart-and yours. Wow.

Now, I am still broken, sinful, and fleshly. There are choices to be made, and I am called to pursue godliness, just like every believer, but let’s rest in His constant direction, love, and Lordship, and let Him continue His good work He began. Here’s to a brighter week!

Enjoy the journey,