An Heir of Hope in Christ

Titus 3:7

“So that being justified by His grace we would be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.”

When a tough day leaves you feeling low, or when the sun goes down signaling the end of what seemed like a perfect one, what are you left with? When the feeling of comfort and pleasure fades, what do you turn to? If you’re like me, more often than I would like to admit, I turn to people, temporal things, and or even wishing or imagining to make me feel better. The Word of God has another answer.

It says, thanks be to GOD who has given us a living hope! It says this hope that we receive through believing on Christ and the story of the gospel is imperishable, enduring forever, never ending. This hope doesn’t change with the circumstances or seasons of our life. Nothing can pry us away from this hope. The passage above in Titus 3 paints the picture another way. God says through Paul that we are “heirs according to the hope of eternal life”. An heir is someone who is promised to receive an inheritance. When we become followers of Christ, our promised inheritance is eternal life with Him. When Jesus spoke of eternal life once He said, “This is eternal life that they may know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent…” Our future hope then is that one day we will be with God forever. In that day, all will be made right, and we will be able to enjoy Him perfectly for eternity! And if that’s not amazing enough, our present hope is that learning to know God here on earth is a taste of  the eternal life to come!

When the tough days hit, when we make mistakes, or people fail us, or the feelings fade, let us remember… We have a present hope, and a future one, and nothing can separate us from this hope which is the Love of God!

Will you join me in making it a goal to chase after this Hope? After all, it is our inheritance.

Keep pressing on fellow heirs!

In Him,




“Tread Softly”

Old thoughts, new appreciation. 🙂  It’s encouraging to come across raw emotions and truths such as these sometimes. Looking back on my journey, things that seemed so big at the time never left His hands. And my old thoughts might even be helpful again as I am always learning… Hope they encourage you too!

Laura Clayton 2016

Tread softly young woman, lest you tread on fragile hearts.

If those hearts are tread upon, precious dreams may also be torn apart.

Tread softly young woman, there’s much to be learned, yet there is no class,

Yes, please remember it’s as if you tread on glass.

The older you grow, many people you will meet,

But step carefully, lest you leave a trail of scarred bare feet.

It’s true, you may be their first love, and they yours,

But, choose for yourself a very straight course.

Always look Up and press in,

And remember if you fall there’s a new place to begin.

In the arms of the Father, all wrongs are made right,

For every broken heart, there’s a promise of new light.

Tread softly young woman, the weight of hearts is not yours to bear, \

But rather a privilege for you to share.