“Heart Inside a Box”

I wrote this nearly two years ago!  Today I found myself thinking about life and love similarly, so I went looking for this post and decided to share. Hope it encourages you to love even if you’re afraid.

-Laura Beth

“Sometimes it seems it would be easier to lock your heart inside a box. There it would never be broken, never hurt, and never lost. It would be safe. As the years passed by its rate would never change, on and on it would pound to the same familiar rhythm. Inside a box, it would never have to risk skipping a beat, or not  being able to slow its pace once it had quickened. It would be comfortable, never knowing risk.

Yet, would it ever truly be alive? Should it be given the chance to feel even if it means to ache? The heart may experience deep sorrow, devastating loss, and even begin to feel as if it has been shattered into a thousand pieces. But, mingled with grief and sorrow, deep trust, joy, and love can also be found. The heart is fragile and breakable, but if laid at the feet of the Savior it is redeemable and healable. Could it be that the strange reality is it is better to feel everything than to feel nothing at all?

To those whose hearts are locked away, please unlock the box. The heart is made to be alive not merely to be left ‘safe’ inside a box. Though it may be uncomfortable at times, and life may leave scars, I believe to feel is to risk, and to risk is to truly live. Is your heart inside a box?”


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