Hello world!

My name is Laura. I am a follower of Jesus, lover of adventure, people, communication, nature, & music etc. The statement “Enjoy the Journey” is one very dear to my heart. The beginning is indeed the best place to start a journey or story, and the end what we all are eagerly waiting for, but where does it get good? A story is made from a journey with ups and downs where the characters grow and learn things about themselves and the world around them. As well as recording times of joy and ease, a good story includes conflict, struggle, and change. I feel as if I’m caught in the middle of my story right now. And in some pretty beautiful ways I have been learning that joy is found in really living and growing wherever you are. I hope and pray that through sharing a bit of my journey with you you will be challenged as well as encouraged to do the same. Your life is a journey, treasure each step.

Here’s to a new perspective as we head up the mountain together!

Victorious Spirit through Christ,

Laura Beth

Photo by Haylee Bazil
Photo by Haylee Bazil